Modbus Remote IO Module


STHM-MBIO is Modbus RTU Remote IO Module to help PLC/SCADA/BMS extend their I/O ports. It is reliable, multiple functions with DIN rail design for easy installation.

Modbus Protocol

  • Easily integrate to PLC/SCADA/BMS system via standard Modbus Protocol

Multple I/O

  • Multiple I/O like Digital, Analog, Relay, Pulse in one Single Device

Easy Config

  • Easy configuration by Modbus master software on PC

DIN rail

  • DIN rail design for easy mounting
Digital InputsOpto-coupler, 4.7 kohms input resisrtance, 5000V rms isolation, Logic 0 (0-1VDC), Logic 1 (5-24VDC), Functions: logic status 0/1 or Pulse counting (32 bit counter with max 4khz pulse)
Analog InputsSelect between 0-10VDC input or 0-20mA input, 12 bit Resolution, can be configured as Digital input (max 10VDC input)
Relay OutputElectro-mechanical Relays, SPDT, contact rating 24VDC/5A or 220VAC/3A, LED indicators, Latch control enable
Pulse OutputOpen-collector, opto-isolation, max 10mA and 80VDC, On/off control, Pulser (max 2.5Khz, max 65535 Pulses) or PWM (max 2.5Khz)
Communication ModbusRTU slave, RS485, speed 9600 or 19200, LED indicator
Reset buttonFor resetting RS485 port to default setting (9600, None parity, 8 bit)
Power supply9..36VDC
Consumption15..100mA @ 24VDC supply
Mounting typeDIN rail
Terminal Blockpitch 5.0mm, rating 300VAC, wire size 12-24AWG
Working temperature/humidity0..60 degC / 95%RH non-condensing
Net weight350 grams
STHM-MBIO-4AI4DI-NRRS485/ModbusRTU Remote I/O Module, 4AI/DI, 4DI, 3xRelay, 1xPulse Output, Non-ROHS
STHM-MBIO-3AI4DIS-NRRS485/ModbusRTU Remote I/O Module, 3AI/DI, 4DI, 3xRelay, 1xPulse Output, Non-ROHS, Counter in EEPROM
RS485-FM12-USB-1RS485/USB multi-purpose Configuration cable with connector m12 male, female and flying leads, with Power adapter 12VDC/2.0A
Notes* Purchase configuration cable RS485-FM12-USB-1 for off-line configuration of IO Module
** It is possible to use Wireless Bridges WS433-B for wireless RS485 connection between IO Module and PLC/SCADA or Modbus master device
*** For connecting to Globiots platform for data logging, remote monitoring & controls, you can use IO module with iConnector STHC
**** IO module can be used with Controller AZ128 as I/O port extension for AZ128

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