Modbus Remote IO Module


STHM-MBIO is Modbus RTU Remote IO Module to help PLC/SCADA/BMS extend their I/O ports. It is reliable, multiple functions with DIN rail design for easy installation.

Modbus Protocol

  • Easily integrate to PLC/SCADA/BMS system via standard Modbus Protocol

Multiple I/O

  • Multiple I/O like Digital, Analog, Relay, Pulse in one Single Device

Easy Config

  • Easy configuration by Modbus master software on PC

DIN rail

  • DIN rail design for easy mounting
Digital InputsOpto-coupler, 4.7 kohms input resisrtance, 5000V rms isolation, Logic 0 (0-1VDC), Logic 1 (5-24VDC), Functions: logic status 0/1 or Pulse counting (32 bit counter with max 4khz pulse)
Analog InputsSelect between 0-10VDC input or 0-20mA input, 12 bit Resolution, can be configured as Digital input (max 10VDC input)
Relay OutputElectro-mechanical Relays, SPDT, contact rating 24VDC/2A or 250VAC/5A, LED indicators, Latch control enable
Pulse OutputOpen-collector, opto-isolation, max 10mA and 80VDC, On/off control, Pulser (max 2.5Khz, max 65535 Pulses) or PWM (max 2.5Khz)
Communication 02 x ModbusRTU-Slave, 01 x ModbusRTU-Master, RS485, speed 9600 or 19200, LED indicator
Reset buttonFor resetting 02 x RS485 Slave port to default setting (9600, None parity, 8 bit)
Power supply9..36VDC
Consumption80mA @ 24VDC supply
Mounting typeDIN rail
Terminal Blockpitch 5.0mm, rating 300VAC, wire size 12-24AWG
Working temperature/humidity0..60 degC / 95%RH non-condensing
Net weight80 grams
STHM-MBIO-4AI4DI4RL-NRRS485/ModbusRTU Remote I/O Module, 4AI/DI, 4DI, 4xRelay, 1xPulse Output, Non-ROHS
RS485-FM12-USB-1RS485/USB multi-purpose Configuration cable with connector m12 male, female and flying leads, with Power adapter 12VDC/2.0A
Notes* Purchase configuration cable RS485-FM12-USB-1 for off-line configuration of IO Module
** It is possible to use Wireless Bridges WS433-B for wireless RS485 connection between IO Module and PLC/SCADA or Modbus master device
*** For connecting to Globiots platform for data logging, remote monitoring & controls, you can use IO module with iConnector STHC
**** IO module can be used with Controller AZ128 as I/O port extension for AZ128

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