Wireless sensor Digital Inputs


Wireless sensor with 2 channel digital inputs to detect logic status 0/1 OR counting pulses from proximity sensor, limit switch, machine output, pressure switch…It is configured the operation parameters like data sending interval, health check cycle...remotely from Globiots platform or via ModbusRTU software. The wireless module can last up to 10 years with a single AA battery.

Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection

  • Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless connection and secured data by AES-128

10-year with a single battery

  • Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology fromTexas Instruments allow the sensor can last up to 10 years with a single battery AA.

Multiple Functions

  • Logic detecting or Pulse counting with non-volatile memory

Long range Transmission

  • Narrow Band techniques & Sub-Ghz technology allow long distance transmisison at lowest energy consumption
Input2 channel Digital inputs with dry-contact or voltage input (max 3.3VDC)
FunctionsLogic detecting OR Pulse counting
Electrical connectionshielded cable 0.5m length with PG9 cable gland
Optional accessories304SS Adapter PG9/male 1/2"NPT or PG13.5 or M20 to allow direct mounting on Process instruments or electrical panel
Data speedUp to 50kbps
Tranmission distance, LOS500m
AntennaInternal Antenna, 3 dbi
Battery01 x AA 1.5VDC, up to 10-year operation, depends on configuration
Frequency BandISM 433Mhz, Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instrument, USA
Receiving Sensitivity-110dBm at 50kbps
International ComplianceETSI EN 300 220, EN 303 204 (Europe) FCC CFR47 Part15 (US), ARIB STD-T108 (Japan)
Security StandardAES-128
Operating temperature of PCB-40oC..+60oC (with AA L91 Energizer)
HousingPoly-carbonate, IP67
Installation methodL-type bracket SUS304 , by M4 screws or double-sided 3M tape (included)
Product dimensions125x30x30mm
Net weight (without battery)< 100g
Box dimension190x50x50mm
Gross weight140g
WS433-DI-12Wireless Sensor with 2 channel Digital inputs with dry-contact of voltage input max 3.3VDC, Logic detecting or Pulse counting IP67, battery AA 1.5VDC, shielded cable 0.5m length with PG9 cable gland

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