Ambient Temperature Sensor Module


Ambient Temperature Sensor Module ATE utilizes digital temperature sensor delivers high accuracy measurement in range -20 to + 60oC. Easy connect to WS433-M12(-T) via M12 connector.

Plug & Play

  • Just plug the pressure module onto WS433-M12F via M12 connector, then it works automatically

Multiple types

  • Compact type or cable extionsion type to suite variety applications

High accuracy

  • Digital sensor with factory-calibration

IP67 Weather-proof

  • IP67 sensor probe allows immersion into ice-water for quick validation
SensorDigital type, factory calibrated, IP67, immersible to ice-water for quick validation
Measuring range-20 .. + 85 oC
Accuracy+/- 0.5oC
MaterialPA plastic
Electrical connectionM12-male connector
ATE-11Compact ambient Temperature Sensor DULP module, M12-male connector
ATE-12-300300mm Cable type ambient Temperature Sensor DULP module, M12-male connector
Notes* Sensor with extension cable may have length up to 2000mm, please consult factory.

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