Process Pressure Sensor Module


Process Pressure Sensor Module PPS have different kind of measurement, such as Gage/Absolute/Differential, raneg -1 .. + 700 bar, high accuracy and stability, Ultra-low power consumption. Easy connect to WS433-M12(-T) via M12 connector.

Plug & Play

  • Just plug the pressure module onto WS433-M12F via M12 connector, then it works automatically

Multiple types of Pressure

  • Gage/Absolute/Differential

High accuracy

  • 0.5% of Span

Wide measurement range

  • Select from -1 .. + 700 bar
Sensing TechnologyAdvanced PIEZO/Capacitance technology
Measuring rangeSelect from -1 .. + 35 bar Gage/Absolute/Sealed Gage
Over pressure protection1.5 x Span
Accuracy0.5% of span
Stability< 0.3% span/year
Wetted parts304SS/316SS
Measuring FluidsAny fluid which is workable with materials 304SS/316SS
Working temperature-10 .. + 80 oC
Process connectionStandard G1/4 or Others (consult factory)
Electrical connectionM12-male connector
PPS-G-10Gage Pressure Sensor DULP Module, range 0-10 barg, accuracy 0.5%, process connection G1/4-male, 304SS, electrical connector M12-male
Notes* It is possible to use extension M12 cable with max 1.0m lenght for connecting between sensor module and wireless transmitter.

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